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30th Annual General Meeting will be held on 30th July, 2017 at K.P.Basu Memorial Hall, Jadavpur University. A seminar on PRESENT SCENARIO OF INDUSTRIALISATION OF THE EASTERN INDIA will be held on 29th July, 2017 at INDUMATI SABHAGRIHA, Jadavpur University. All the members are requested to attend theses programmes.

11th All India Peoples’ Technology Congress
4th - 5th February, 2017, Kolkata

Description: E:\Foset\Foset 04-02-17\_DSC0244.jpgThe 11th All India Peoples; Technology Congress (AIPTC) was held at Kolkata on 4th ^ 5th February, 2017.  The theme of the present year Congress was Low Carbon Technologies – Propagation and Entrepreneurship Development.  The Inaugural Session of the Congress was held on 4th February, 2017 at Meghnad Saha Auditorium of Rajabajar Science College, Calcutta University with 200 participants.  The Technical Sessions were held on 5th February, 2017 at the Conference Halls of National Institute of Technical Teachers’ Training & Research (NITTTR), Salt Lake City.  More than 250 delegates from all over the country participated in the parallel sessions.  The Congress was supported by SERB, Deptt. of Science & Technology, GoI and Lakhtia Computer Centre and also other sponsors and advertisers.
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The AIPTC was inaugurated by Prof. Asutosh Ghosh, Vice Chancellor of Calcutta University.  He stressed on the application of S&T for rural development and the importance of programme like AIPTC towards that He expressed hope that from the deliberations of the congress some technology modals may develop with potential for application.  The session was also addressed by Prof. N.R. Banerjea, former Vice Chancellor, BESU and former President, FOSET.  He recalled the success stories of past AIPTC which was initiated in 1997 under the inspiration of Prof. Sankar Sen and Late Prof. P. N. Choudhury.  The session was chaired by Prof. Subimal Sen, President, FOSET & former Chairman, WB Higher Education Council. Welcome Address was given by Prof. N. R. Bandopadhyay, Chairman of the Organizing Committee and Vote of Thanks by Dr. Ashik Paul, General Secretary, FOSET.
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In the Inaugural Session, the 6th Prof. P. N. Choudhury Memorial Lecture was delivered by Dr. D. Raghunandan, Secretary, Centre for Technology Development, New Delhi.  He recalled his association with Prof. P. N. Choudhury since the mid-eighties through the pioneering endeavour of GAON KI KARIGAR.  It was a bridge between the rural artisans and the technologies development at various CSIR laboratories.  Organisations like CTD, FOSET etc. have been working with this mission over the last three decades, there have been success stories as well as failure.  But today, in the era of globalization, the rural artisans are at the receiving end.  The ideals of Prof. P. N. Choudhury and his fellow travelers who bore the tradition of our freedom struggle and the desire of a self reliance economy should be rejuvenated and program like AIPTC should be directed towards that.
The Technical Sessions were held at NITTTR of 5th February, 2017.  There was five parallel sub-congresses on Shelter, Agriculture, Environment, Energy and Regional Planning & Development.  The focus of the sub-congresses were on Entrepreneurship Development, Appropriate Technology options, Skill Development, Poverty Alleviation & Livelihood Development, Inventoriasation of Best Practices, Natural Resource Management, Micro Enterprises and Micro Finance, Application of Information & Communication Technology and Disaster Preparedness & Mitigation.   Total 52 papers were presented in the five sub-congresses.  Besides West Bengal, participants from Assam, Maharastra, Karnataka, Odissa, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Telengana & Tamil Nadu attended and presented their papers.  The well attended sessions attracted the delegates and participants.
Besides the papers, there were several invited lectures in different sessions delivered by eminent scientists and technologists about their experience in working with peoples’ technology.  Three such lectures delivered by eminent architect Sri Anjan Mitra in Shelter Sub-congress, Sri Dipti Ranjan Behra, Manager, CSR, CESC Ltd. in Regional Planning & Development Sub-congress and Dr. Gautam Ray, Director, NIRJAFT (ICAR) in Agriculture sub-congress have been published in our journal, THOUGHT.  Prof. Souvanic Ray of IIEST, Sibpur in Regional Planning & Development sub-congress, Sri Subrata Ghosh, Chief Engineer, WBPCB in Environment Sub-congress, Sri P.K. Mukhopadhyay of DVC in Energy Sub-congress and Sri Sagar Banerji, Project Manager, WCDC, Bankura.  Agriculture sub-congress also delivered invited lectures.  The experience of FOSET in application of Bamboo as Construction Material was presented by our Vice-President Sri Rabi Mukhopadhyay in the Shelter sub-congress.  There was about 5 hours; discussion in all the five parallel sub-congress – a testimony of success of the AIPTC.
There were several papers which have the potential for application for rural development.
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AGRICULTURE: Impact of Climate Change in Agriculture and mitigation & resilience of same; Promotion of rural livelihood through Aquapreneurship & Aquatorism adopting Rainbow; Apropriate technology for chemical processing of Jute; Role of Women Community Institutions in seed certification programme under MKSP etc.
ENERGY: Biodiesel as Energy source for small capacity Diesel Engine from High FFA Rice Bran Oil; Environment friendly user friendly low cost solar water heater; Design of a sustainable, utility interfaced PV Smart Micro-grid model for rural electrification etc.
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ENVIRONMENT: Self extinguishable Jute Textile using waste coconut shell  extract, Nitrate removal from different types of drinking water using electro coagulation, Network theory to understand biology of complex diseases.
REGIONAL PLANNING & DEVELOPMENT: Disaster Management in Indian Railways; Traffic Congestion Control using Piezo sensors and GSM Technology’ GPS and IRNSS; Smart & protected place with internet of things etc.

SHELTER: Construction of sustainable green residential building; Analysis for E-Waste ceramics in Bituminous concrete Grade-I mix to mitigate surface urban heat island.
Selected papers from the sub-congresses will be published in the forthcoming issues of our journal, THOUGHT.  The organization will also explore the possibility of application of some relevant paper at pilot level.
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This year the theme of the Congress was Low Carbon Technologies.  This became necessary since the release of Greenhouse Gas (GHG) into our atmosphere is becoming one of the major environmental issues of the 21st Century.  The cumulative application of GHGs historically since the Industrial Revolution has resulted in the current problem of global warming.  This is further compounded by the tepid and inadequate response of developed countries even after the adoption of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) and delineation of obligations and responsibilities. 
But this cannot be achieved unless the technologies chosen get peoples’ acceptance.  For wider acceptance of common people, sensitization through regular communication  about the technologies and providing those at their doorsteps in an affordable way through entrepreneurship development is the crucial factors for adaptation of Low Carbon Technologies.  The 11th AIPTC was an humble endeavour towards that.  But the effort will be continued in the future.


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