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30th Annual General Meeting will be held on 30th July, 2017 at K.P.Basu Memorial Hall, Jadavpur University. A seminar on PRESENT SCENARIO OF INDUSTRIALISATION OF THE EASTERN INDIA will be held on 29th July, 2017 at INDUMATI SABHAGRIHA, Jadavpur University. All the members are requested to attend theses programmes.


All India Coordinated Research Project (AICRP)
Action research programme on R&D demonstration for extraction and treatment of NEOs through modern technology in the tribal area of the district West Midnapore
Financial Assistance:
Science For Equity Empowerment and Development Division, Department of Science & Technology, Govt. of India.
Coordinating Agency:
Centre for Technology Development (CTD), New Delhi
Project Status:
Project commencement: April 2006, Project Completion: September 2008.
Grant sanctioned: Rs.11,25,700.00.
Grant utilised: Rs.10,42,479.80
Highlights of the Project:
  • Setting up of a model plant for extraction and treatment (Work Shed): A work shed has been completed at Khajra (on the way to Kapasgeria), thirteen kilometer away from Kharagpur. There are two rooms one for expeller and other for seed storage and office purpose. There are also one roofed veranda and open space for seed drying. Decorticator, Oil Expeller and Oil Filter Press has been installed and commissioned. One Diesel Generator set with common shaft for all machines has also been installed.
  • Networking of Self Help Groups (SHGs) / Forest Protection Committee (FPCs): Networking with 30nos. SHG Groups has been made who are supplying seeds to the centre as and when required on a regular basis. This SHGs are comprising of Tribal Woman in 90% cases
  • Testing of Oil Samples: After a prolonged effort to test the samples in different laboratories of educational institutes, which was not successful, a laboratory of national repute (M/s R.V.Briggs & Co.) has been identified. Three samples have been tested and the results are being examined by the central monitoring team.
  • Trial Production and Marketing Networking to establish viability of the project: Trial production of oil from collected seeds has commenced. Local buyers have been identified. Local Soap factories have been contacted. Small quantities of oils are being sold locally and a two-month long study period has earmarked to check the techno-economic viability of the project.


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