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30th Annual General Meeting will be held on 30th July, 2017 at K.P.Basu Memorial Hall, Jadavpur University. A seminar on PRESENT SCENARIO OF INDUSTRIALISATION OF THE EASTERN INDIA will be held on 29th July, 2017 at INDUMATI SABHAGRIHA, Jadavpur University. All the members are requested to attend theses programmes.


Private participation in Technical Education has started late in our state compare to other states especially in southern states of India. For the last couple of years the tremendous growth of Information Technology (IT) in abroad, especially in USA created sizeable job opportunity in India and abroad for the IT literate students. At the same time the core sector engg. Is gradually loosing its relevance in developing countries as a consequence of globalization and could not provide enough jobs for the fresh engg. Graduates due to national policy of continuous negligence towards PSU and heavy industries in the country. As a result students from science background after completion of their 10+2 exam rush anywhere to obtain the degree of IT, computer or Electronics spending a huge amount of money. Even guardians of middle class families don’t hesitate to deposit the amount since in most of the case absorption was guaranteed. At this juncture govt. of W.B. realized that the existing technical institutions in the state does not provide adequate provision to accommodate all these intending candidates hence students are rushing to other states to achieve the degree. AICTE approved institution started functioning in West Bengal for 1997 through private or semiprivate participation.
Meanwhile the international scenario has changed and due to recession in IT industry in abroad the Indian IT industry also affected badly. Students from renowned institution like, Jadavpur University, Calcutta University, B.E. College (D.U) and also from other states after obtaining IT or computer degree either opt for job in industries related to project in contact basis or compelled to go for higher studies. Therefore, it is now evident that without proper planning and assessment of domestic industrial market, keeping aside the basis social need and based on popular demand, endeavour can loose its significance.
The private participatory bodies are not keen to open other core sector engineering such as Mechanical, Civil etc. due to huge financial involvement and they are interested in IT, Computer, Electronics and Instrumentation engineering where infrastructure development requires less investment especially due to reduction of cost in semiconductor equipment. For instance, around 700 seats are generated alone in Computer Science & Engg. Discipline in the newly formed institutions but not a single seat is available in Mechanical Engg. discipline.
AICTE, the statutory body of Govt. of India to grant approval of Technical programmes have no machinery that would provide information regarding the requirements of technical manpower in the context of our national industrial scenario.
The scarcity of teachers, quality of teaching in these institutions is a matter of great concern. There is no staff structure and teachers are paid arbitrarily for which the relationship between teacher and student, teacher and management become unhealthy that obviously has a bad effect in the educational and social systems.
For example, total no. of seats are 8500 in the engineering institutions of W.B. but student-having rank 25000 in Joint Entrance Examination is also admitted in the engg. Stream just. It is a matter of serious concern that money becomes factor for admission of the students in these institutions compromising the merit. Moreover, the admission procedure continues almost through the first semester period of the academic session for which very few working days become available for learning of the newly admitted students. Thus, quality of intake as well as output from the institutions may face below standard for obvious reason.
Recently the private participatory institutions are brought under the Technical University but basically the university only involved with the examination related activities of these institutions but it has no mechanism to monitor the academic affairs of these institutions. The introduction of Computer science Hons. In B.Sc. level and subsequently in M.Sc. produce more and more Computer or IT literate pupils but there is no planning about the future of these students, even many of the IT industries don’t recognize the degree too. Further MCA, BCA courses and self-financing different approved courses of DOE make the scenario bad to worse. The hierarchical pyramid structure consisting of ITI, Diploma and Graduate Enggs. No more exist and no other alternative structure has been proposed to combat the situation. It is also true the syllabus more or less is same for all these above-mentioned courses.
In a nutshell the following points are highlighted for discussion to show some light and try to bell out the problems as much as possible:
  • Proper planning in context of national industrial scenario.
  • Quality of intake as well as teaching i.e. output from the institutions.
  • Uniform staff structure.
  • Monitoring mechanism to supervise the academic affairs.


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